Impact strategy

Impact strategy


Wealthcore acts sustainably at both product and company level. Our mission is to generate "measurable positive environmental and social impact" through our fund and investment strategies. To achieve this, we have developed and implemented a wide range of qualified processes. Today, we are one of the drivers of innovation and investment in sustainable real estate concepts.

Ecological & social impact
Climate-friendly construction with sustainable, renewable materials is essential in view of the effects of climate change. Wood as a building material replaces the highly CO2-emitting building materials steel, cement and concrete. It is now clear that the use of wood can sequester carbon for decades and that the carbon storage function of the forest can be used in the long term through reforestation. 

Against this background and in order to meet the requirements of building affordable housing, our first sustainability goal is to achieve an ecological and social impact. With the development of the WEALTHCORE IMPACT HOUSE, we have taken a further innovative step. A new modular, standardized house concept that represents a new generation of properties, both economically and ecologically.

Our mission is to reduce our carbon footprint from real estate construction to as close to zero as possible, and we are already carbon neutral during the operating phase.

Positive social impact is the second key sustainability goal of our impact strategy. The strategy includes sustainable community building in the sense of an ecological and social operator model at portfolio level and in the individual locations. A community management system is implemented specifically for this purpose, which offers users a safe, environmentally friendly and positive coexistence through a shared value charter and the measures derived from it.

As with structural and energy sustainability, proof of impact plays an important role in the community building concept.

To this end, a management process was set up that measures the social impact of the respective activities and measures at both the horizontal portfolio level and the vertical individual property level and leads to a target field matrix of the Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs for short. Wealthcore publishes the results annually in an impact report.

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Carsten Koy
ESG Officer