Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility


A firmly anchored thread runs through our corporate philosophy - institutional credibility. Whether in internal or external fields of action, we make institutional credibility transparent at all levels of our actions with our Corporate Responsibility Policy.

Corporate Responsibility

Our corporate governance and control systems provide security and confidence.

Management and shareholders are committed to responsible corporate governance. Long-term strategies, compliance with legal, ecological and ethical standards as well as transparency in communication form the cornerstones, guiding principles and compass of our actions. Only through this interaction can trust be built. The legal requirements of a continuous separation of functions between decision-makers and controlling levels is an integral part of our corporate structure.

Merocracy is lived practice.
Our corporate culture is based on the principle: transparency creates trust. Freely adapted from Niklas Luhmann, trust for us means living mutual certainty of expectations together in our team and with our business partners. In this way, we reduce complexity and establish fast, robust processes across all business areas. With us, it is desirable to disagree, contribute ideas and take responsibility with the aim of achieving the best results for all stakeholders.

Corporate Governance

Our compliance management system has proven its worth.
Fulfilment of the statutory compliance guidelines is a matter of course for us. Corresponding structures are established, have proven themselves and are linked to clear responsibilities. These apply to our entire Group, WEALTHCORE and all subsidiaries.

Our actions are based on a multi-level compliance management system. Among other things, we have documented our conduct in compliance-related matters. This includes dealing with employee transactions, conflicts of interest and insider information.

Adherence to and continuous development of our compliance guidelines is carried out by our compliance officers and is the responsibility of the Head of Compliance throughout the Group.

Our goal: to make risk controllable.
Achieving an adequate return with minimal risks is our ultimate goal. To ensure this, we work with reliable control measures that are integrated into the organisation and whose responsibility is clearly defined.

This enables us to ensure the functionality of business processes, the reliability of operational information, the safeguarding of assets and compliance with rules. The internal control system is fully integrated into the governance, risk and compliance management system.

Target categories

For us, commitment does not end at the property. Corporate social responsibility management in the company is an important part of our philosophy and strongly anchored in our core values. We demonstrate this attitude every day in our dealings with our stakeholders. We prove this on the one hand in constructive cooperation with investors, and on the other hand through social commitment.

Social commitment plays an important role in our sustainability strategy. For us, it is a matter of course to assume and also demonstrate social responsibility. We do this with a clear commitment to our location and by supporting families and children. Particularly in the context of our residential properties, we are committed to good relations with our tenants in accordance with our Social Charter.

We support the Lichtblick Hasenbergl project, which uses a holistic concept to care for children and young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. For more information, please visit


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