December 19, 2023

Project developer INVESTER United Benefits hands over climate-neutral residential property in Vienna's Simmering district to Article 9 Wealthcore fund

Climate-neutral residential property Vienna Simmering

Project developer INVESTER United Benefits hands over climate-neutral residential property in Vienna's Simmering district to Article 9 Wealthcore fund

  • "Wealthcore Green Impact Fund" strengthens its portfolio with another climate-neutral residential property in Vienna's Simmering district
  • New construction project with 49 apartments on 2,600 square meters of usable living space impresses with the highest sustainability requirements in the areas of climate neutrality, energy self-sufficiency and summer heat reduction
  • The target fund volume is EUR 300 million, annual profit distribution for institutional investors is 3.50 percent p.a. and the planned IRR is approx. 4.00 to 5.50 percent p.a.

(Munich/Vienna, December 19, 2023) After just one and a half years of construction, project developer INVESTER United Benefits is handing over its climate-neutral new build with almost 50 apartments in Vienna's Simmering district to the Wealthcore Green Impact Fund (WGIF). The dark green fund invests in sustainable residential construction projects in Germany's metropolitan regions and in Vienna and acquired the project at Rudolf-Simon-Gasse 5 in October 2022. Thanks to its almost CO2-neutral and energy self-sufficient operation with geothermal energy and photovoltaics, as well as its innovative concept to prevent overheating in summer, the new building is exemplary for the future of urban residential construction.

The residential complex not only meets demanding sustainability requirements in terms of energy efficiency, but also promotes social interaction and supports healthy living in an urban environment through flexible and family-friendly floor plans and generous green open and communal spaces. The challenge of urban overheating is also addressed by an advanced cooling concept: A brine-to-water heat pump actively uses the low temperatures in the ground to cool the apartments comfortably in summer using renewable resources. The project is set to receive gold certification from the Austrian Sustainable Building Council (ÖGNI) for its energy concept. Following completion in mid-December, the project is now ready to be transferred to the portfolio of the "Wealthcore Green Impact Fund". The fund complies with Article 9 of the EU Disclosure Regulation and is considered a pioneer in terms of sustainability on the real estate market. With a target volume of EUR 300 million and a target distribution of around 3.5% p.a., the fund is aimed at institutional investors who value sustainability and social responsibility.

Manuel Bugl, Managing Director of Wealthcore: "Sustainable construction is ecologically responsible and makes economic sense. The project sets new standards in the industry. It shows: Modern real estate with a positive carbon footprint is crucial for the future of residential construction and for the long-term stable performance of real estate funds. The increasing demand for sustainable financial products and the strategic anchoring of sustainability in the value chain represent a fundamental change. We are actively shaping this paradigm shift with our ecologically and economically sustainable and socially responsible investment strategies."

Wealthcore Green Impact Fund (WGIF): A dark green investment standard

As an open-ended special AIF in accordance with Article 9 of the EU Disclosure Regulation, WGIF pursues ambitious ESG objectives in the real estate sector. With a target investment volume of EUR 300 million and a maximum loan-to-value ratio (LTV) of 50%, the fund focuses on sustainable housing in the dynamic metropolitan regions of Germany and Vienna. It pursues an evergreen strategy with no maturity limit and aims for an annual profit distribution of 3.50% with a planned internal rate of return (IRR) of around 4.00% to 5.50%. The minimum investment is 5 million euros. WGIF underlines its commitment to climate protection and economic sustainability through the careful selection and acquisition of residential projects using the Wealthcore ESG Investment Score, supported by the company's many years of ESG project development expertise. According to Wealthcore, the fund is a response to the growing sustainability requirements of institutional investors and sets new standards for impact investing in the residential real estate sector, aiming for a share of up to 50 percent in subsidized housing.

Comprehensive energy concept enables CO2-neutral operation and prevents overheating in summer

The residential project in Rudolf-Simon-Gasse stands out with its comprehensive sustainability concept and sets new standards in rental housing. Deep geothermal drilling and a large-scale photovoltaic system for renewable energy generation contribute to energy efficiency. A brine-to-water heat pump heats and cools the apartments as required; an aspect that is of fundamental importance for the well-being of the residents and the attractiveness of the property in view of the rising temperatures and increasing heat events in the summer months. The planned green roofs and tree planting counteract urban heating, provide an ecological balance and increase the quality of stay.

Promoting social interaction through well-designed communal spaces

With a well thought-out concept of meeting spaces, ranging from a spacious communal garden with a playground to a roof terrace, the project specifically promotes social interaction. Each of the 49 apartments also offers a private outdoor area. This approach combines sustainability with social commitment and underlines why Wealthcore has included the project in its Green Impact Fund, which focuses on sustainable and socially responsible investments.

Pioneering mobility concept and first-class location

The project also promotes sustainable urban transportation. Charging points for e-bikes and electric cars support residents with bicycle and e-mobility. The proximity to the Kaiserebersdorf S-Bahn station and the central streetcar lines enables quick access to Vienna's city center, which in turn meets the criteria of the Sustainable Urban Development Fund.

About WEALTHCORE Investment Management

WEALTHCORE Investment Management designs customized investment products for its investors, taking into account individual needs and risk profiles, and provides transparent services at the highest level, from concrete strategic planning to reporting. Together with its sister companies INVESTER United Benefits (Development), EKAZENT Management and United Climate, the United Benefits Holding Group initiates, develops, implements and manages real estate investments in the DACH region and thus offers all services and processes along the entire value chain of a real estate investment. In line with the company's clear ESG strategy, all investments focus on independence, transparency and social justice as well as C02 reduction and the creation of sustainable value. The Group employs around 90 people and manages a volume of around 1.8 billion euros.

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